Here are two poems from my new pamphlet – PRESENCE -published by Carmelyon, Spring 2019


intricate webs carved
by the waters’ ebb in
acres of compliant silt

hazed views of
distant derricks, towers
fringe the capacious sky

a half-sunk craft
dry sculpted stalks
chrome yellow flowers

where did the words all go?

frail feathered seeds
stream out across
a shifting marshland

migrating birds lift
on a brisk wind hustled
away and out to sea


morning sunlight slants
through tall trees catches
a single filament adrift
spotlights the tiny spider
floating at its end

she has cast off from some
high branch sailing on
the variable breeze
patient of chance apt
for the undetermined landing

old stories tell how scholars
saints would once put out
to sea in flimsy coracles
trusting their landfall
to the grace of providence

some revelation of a place
where they were meant to be

Copies of PRESENCE are available for just £5 inc. p&p from or 23 Clements Road, London SE16 4DW